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DESERT PLANET Video interview at SALZBURG 24 (Austria)

DESERT PLANET interview at Music an sich -magazine. Jukka is interviewed by Hendrik Stahl (In german, Germany)

"Known in the Micromusic/Chiptunes scene for their brilliant music and their marvellous live shows, Desert Planet bridges between different art forms and genres....A Must have album!!"
Moonrocks review at CUEMIX MAGAZINE
, (Germany)
CUEMIX MAGAZINE is online mag for DJ´s: reports, interviews FOR and ABOUT DJs, labels and enthusiasts . Published online and as a free multilingual PDF- Download.

"Blade Runner" at HANSEPLATTE PODCAST Julian Weber und Sylvia Prahl (Hamburg, Germany)

"Riot Sector 68" at "mostpeoplearedjs EASTER MIX -podcast", mikel o.d. (Detroit, USA)

Photo sessions with FRANK JOHANNES

Frank Johannes took some great photos while DESERT PLANET was touring in Germany May 2007.

Fan art from Colombia
Carlos Martin from Colombia made a fancy Desert Planet fan art. Cheers!

Playcast 28: Old school, Baby! @ea-play.de
Lost Galaxians musicvideo partly included Electronic Arts german digital magazine EA-play
Playcast 28. The topic is retro games.

Gamewave Podcast
Desert Planet Asteroid Hopper @ Gamewave Podcast episode 11. Awesome podcasts are edited by Joe Allen and Mike Cook from UK.

Desert Planet in bed
Great live photos Desert Planet gig at das Bett-klub in Frankfurt 2006-05-17 Photos by Raymond Kriha.

Desert Planet live video from the Tour in Germany @ may 2006
The Desert Planet Tour visited Hamburg, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Frankfurt, Kassel, Berliin and Leipzig. "Return of the Ninja Droids" track shooted by Santa Claus and elves.

Casionova Blog (Australia) 12.3.2006
( A Neat Mario built my Hot Rod -review)
"Their ability to craft a pop song, and like much of their countryfolk, love of a melody is what makes Desert Planet the true micromusic superstars that they are."

Desert Planet at 4ZzZ Radios Top 5 playlist in Brisbane, Australia
"4ZzZ is an independent community radio station broadcasting fresh local and underground music and local and alternative news. We are a music formatted station with no playlists, so our presenters are genuinely interested in what they play. "
TOP 20 of the week ( 13.3.06)
1 the Grates
19 20 20
2 Stereolab
Fab Four Suture
3 Cat Power
the Greatest
4 Desert Planet
Mario built my hot rod
5 Mexico City
Black Comedy
6 Giants of Science
7 the Brunettes
When ice met cream
8 Minimum Chips
Kitchen Tea Thank You
9 Kate Bush
10 Jane versus World
56 khz

Desert Planet videos at Virgin TV - webTV
Virgin TV is a collection of neat music videos: Armin Van Buuren, Chemical Brothers, 77-punk/ new wave, Kraftwerk, Sci-fi and gamestuff etc. VTV1 showing also Desert Planet: "Return the Ninja Droids" ja "Lost galaxians" -videos. Anna Astleys another tube VTV 2 is showing also Desert Planet: Asteroid Hopper -video

Inverted Castle: "The best video game music that never was"
Desert Planet is getting blogged by a neat video game blog. The entry got funny comments.

"..The duo blows on with 12 powerful and danceable chiptunes, full of odd elements and bold ideas."
Mario Built My Hot Rod -album review by Jonaz Björk 4/5 (Sweden)

Desert Planet got Artists of the Year 2005 award
Desert Planet game pop-group got the "Artist of the Year 2005" award of the Arts Council of Lapland, Finland. Mrs. Hannele Pokka The Mayor of Lapland did gave the award worth of 7500 euros to Jukka Tarkiainen, Jari Mikkola and Antti Hovila 22.12.2005 in Rovaniemi. There was mentioned that Desert Planets video-game-console-pop music is original, they use internet in innovative ways and they have been exporting their music without any offical support. Usually the award is given to more traditional artists as visual artists, writers, cultural happenings and so.

Listen to the radio-interview
Summer 2005 a fun Desert Planet radio interview at Shalltwerk, Bayreuth, Germany ( MP3, 3,3 mb)

Desert Planet on Food Network Canada -TV
Two Desert Planet album-tracks from “Mario Built My Hot Rod” – "Turbo" and "Salsa Kong (Monkey Mix)“ – have been licenced to a pretty bizarre food-show Food Jammers on Canadian tv Food Network Canada. "Food Jammers" is what you get when you mix the hit mechanic series West Coast Choppers with the hot food series "The Naked Chef". The show is hosted by everyday guys Chris, Micah and Nobu. On the weekends the guys hook up to jam -we're not talking garage band jamming, we're talking food jamming. What is it? Food jamming is what they call their weekend sessions of pure low-fi culinary creativity. You've heard of duct tape mechanics? Well consider these fellas duct tape gourmets! These culinary engineers think up homespun designs for everything from a bbq coffee roaster, a kick-the-can ice cream churner to a car jack pasta extruder. Coming up Jan 2006 on Food Network Canada.

Desert Planet Interview by Lex @ Disagreement.net 8.8.2005 ( Luxembourg )

New Desert Planet album is getting brilliant reviews in Germany

" With their sound somewhere between NES Punk and joyous "Ufftata" Desert Planet are a "must" for every video-game drinking-party, numerous soundeffects and sometimes even a hymnic undertone are the perfect invitation for alcoholic interaction. "
DE:BUG Bob 5/5 (Germany)

"Großartig! "Brilliant!""
Musikansich.de/Hendrik Stahl 18/20 (Germany)

"[…] This trashy 8-Bit sound is definitely not new and they don't intend to change the music-world with it, but those guys are apparently having lots of fun with it and they fuelled enough light-speed to never get boring with what they're doing. Fortunately this is no artsy nanoloop-nuisance but highly dancefloor-oriented space-electronica. Mission fulfilled![…]" Ox-Magazine, Germany, # 06-07/2005 (8/10 points)

"Gorgeous bleeps!"
Abel Gebhardt,Ox-Magazine, # 06-07/2005

"In fact their fourth album goes far beyond sheer SID-chip-purism and instead uses those quirks and bleeps only as ornaments for great instrumental-pop with gorgeous titles like "Return Of The Ninja Droids" occasionally supported by Eläkeläiset sailors-choir. That's only in a restricted way funny, trashy or campy. It's in the first place the melancholy of the bygone times with a todays bang […]" SPEX, Germany, # 06/2005

"[…] Yes, Desert Planet are taking you back to the cubic gameworlds of a long forgotten time, they're adapting the characteristic 8-Bit sounds, through which so many of us had to suffer due to a lack of cache memory. […] Likewise repetitive and thus plausible were the melodies to which Jukka Tarkiainen and Jari Mikkola are adding an appropriate rhythmic substructure. The result is partially sweetest disco-trash, partially danceable electronica and partially pure reminiscence. […]" Onetake.de (4/5 Points), 06/2005

" 80's lads, nostalgia minded, friends of Finnish Sauna and differently-thinking dance mice can access here."
DJ/soundbase-online.com ( 9/12)

" Great Elektro-Spacepunk-hymns, which move somewhere between Aavikko, Daft Punk and Kraftwerk"
Elektrolurch, Germany
Hans Korte ( 29. April 2005 )

Live video and pics from the tour in Germany, Switz and Netherlands - and a broken rib.
Lotsa pics and live video from the tour. Thanks Christo, Jens, Heike Iibrahim, Bacalao, Naomi, Fihu, Robert, Jarma and Webdolphin!! Check also the 9pm´s Marttis comments and how the hell Desert Planet´s Jari got a broken rib..

Bjorn Lynne: "Mario Built My Hot Rod" is the best Desert Planet release ever!
Desert Planet:
Mario Built My Hot Rod (9pm)
"The funky and wacky Retro game style music group Desert Planet are back, with their best ever release!
"On Mario Built My Hot Rod, the compositions really are worthy of any major airplay pop music, but with a retro, 8-bit, video game sound!"

Bjorn Lynne, producer

Desert Planet upcoming album "Mario built my Hot Rod" will be released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
9pm-records from Germany presents in their newsletter 3/2005:
"One of the big surprises of 2005 seems to become the upcoming 9pm debut of Finland’s 8-bit inspired electro-disco-punks Desert Planet from outer space i.e. Finnish Lapland. Being apparently a well-known name in the European 8-bit community they’re definitely going to take this planet by storm with their new masterpiece. "Mario built my hot rod" will be released by 9pm Records in Germany/Austria/Switzerland on May, 2, 2005 backed by a full two-week tour through Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland from April, 29 - May, 14, 2005."
Check the confirmed tourdates in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands here.

Copperpress (USA)
"...Even the "8-bit rock n' roll" of Desert Planet's "Return of the Ninja Droids" has a peculiar sort of charm.." – Eric J. Iannelli
"It's a trap reader's companion volume one" review

Desert Planets side project Screaming Timbermen review by Casionova
Australias cool casio-rocker Casionova writes a neat review about Desert Planets weirdo sideproject Screaming Timbermen. :)

Splendid (USA)
"...Desert Planet's "Return of the Ninja Droids" is videogame blip-hop very much in the style of fellow Scandinavians Tøyen. .."
Rewiev of Various Artists, It's a Trap Reader's Companion Volume One

Desert Planet top 10 links of 2004 @ "It´s a trap"
It´s a trap -daily skandinavian music news site publishes 2004 top 10 lists. These lists are made by influental musicians or people working for music business. Desert Planet´s list is a TOP 10 LINKS of 2004. Check it out!

Desert Planet: Return of the Ninja Droids featuring at Glubibulgas playlist. The Glubibulga is neat Italian website presenting neat graphics and music.

The Brain
Desert Planet: Return of the Ninja Droids at The Brains playlist. The Brain is a radioshow and dj-team coming from France.

Turbo Tellytunes -digital album number one!!
Desert Planet: Turbo tellytunes -album number one at FORYOUREARS.COM 23. Sep 04. Ou jee!!!

First public comments about the new Turbo Tellytunes- material are coming from Japan
"Desertplanet, a Finnish video game music electro pop unit organized by Jukka Tarkiainen, schedules a new album on Sep.28th. It's called Turbo Tellytunes and is something like a tv and movie theme album, with styles like sci-fi, gaming, horror, car chase and spagetti western.
Now you can download an excerpt MP3: "Return of the Ninja Droids". As usual it's in their unique comical 8-bit style, but new dynamic arcade taste is more persuasive than ever. The online edition of this album is already available at 9.9 EUR.

10 sep 04,
Hally @ VORC.ORG
- daily video game music and chiptune news

New album "Turbo Tellytunes" allready online at ForYourEars.com
The Album is a tv and movie theme album, with styles like sci-fi, gaming, horror, car chase and morricone western. You can listen to the clips of the whole album at ForYourEars.com. Digital album goes for cheap-o price EUR 9,90 and you get a free bonus track if you buy the whole album.

Sold Out Asteroid Hopper -record is available at ForYourEars.com
ForYourEars.com sells Desert Planet´s first album release Asteroid Hopper (2001).

Joystick Pop -album and Dune Buggy -single on sale at KIOSKI: The TUG Records Online Store, Germany
Desert Planet - Joystick Pop, CD
"Das Lappland in Finnland dann doch noch einen besonderen Status innehat beweisen Desert Planet mit ihrem Debüt-Album. Wir treffen ... hier auf zwei alte Bekannte aus Punkrock-Tagen: Jari von Greenhouse AC und Jukka von Jalla Jalla. Musikalisch ist DesertPlanet die Schnittmenge von Aavikko, Saariston Lapset, Kraftwerk und 80er Elektro-Pop. Allerdings alles mit C 64 und Amiga 2600 Sounds umgesetzt. Völlig gaga und ebenso genial! Übrigens incl. Video-Track."

Desert planet: Fumbler.mp3 at Micromusic
International community Micromusic.net presents Desert planet: Fumbler.mp3 among their new releases at up/downlodz section. Registered users are free to download from big selection of lo-fi/arcade/electronic -style tracks.

Desert Planet: Joystick Pop in Top 5 in Warzawa -online record shop in Japan

1st March 2004
Finnish conceptual rock group The Multimedia Consultants (they apparently sing about "todays working life, meaningless meetings and alienation of the so-called normal life") recently held a remix contest for the track "Gordon is encoding Flash" which was won by retro synthpop act Desert Planet with their "Sigue Sigue Sputnik meets Prodigy on their way to arcade gaming room" take on the song and Aleksi Nuuja who contributed an "80s disco" version. The two winning tracks will be released on the upcoming "First of May" single from The Multimedia Consultants which will also include the new track "(Joku vitun) mainostoimisto" [(A One Fucking) Advertising Agency] from the group's forthcoming album due out later this year.
News at IT´s A TRAP -Skandinavian music news

1st March 2004
Fazed.net presents Desert Planet

28th Jan 2004
MP3 Of The Day: Desert Planet - Lost Galaxians
Enjoy this piece of retro synthpop mastery using samples taken from the old skool games of 'Yore' to create a blip-fest that'll last you the whole week long

Interview with Coolbpm
DESERT PLANET interview made by Pierre at coolbpm.com november 2003. Coolbpm is coming from Paris, France and is one of the most respected netzine of the scene since year 2000.

Lost Galaxians -Tune of the week
Spacelab - combat electronics (Italy)

10 - 16 january 04
Tune of the week
Desert Planet
Lost Galaxians
[ mp3 - 4.29mb / 192kbps ]
Coin-operated disco beats and retro game pop sounds... check the video!
Spacelab is: Electronic music from Rome, since 1996, every friday night at 11:30 (CET) on Radiondarossa 87.9

Soft Secrets -Magazine, Amsterdam
Soundz 2004-1
Joystick Pop (Odor)
Hardly anybody in the world takes the oldschool games music and all that comes with it as serious as Jukka Tarkiainen, also known as Desert Planet. In some remote areas on this planet they have some special customs, but this, about 20 year old but still hip retrosounds from Lapland are a category on its own. With some people the childish annoying tunes will have them want to emigrate to the moon but with others the simple and purposely corny re-use of long lost fun-tunes will create proudness or a desire to the clear and selfconscious times.
Arjan van Sorge

Translation from Dutch: Dj Remment

post global
post global [conceptual program for new music] at kanal 103 Macedonia.
Post global playlist includes: post rock, noise, ambient, glitch, microsound, clicks and cuts, glitch house, microhouse, clickhouse...
post global playlist 12. 10. 03 features Desert Planet
desert planet - delta - joystick pop (odor)
desert planet - dune buggy (gamatic remix) - dune buggy (odor)

VORC.ORG (Japan)
Desertplanet is a video game style electro unit from Finland. They launched their remix section with three brand new tracks. Eight Bt from Sweden reconstructed "Return of the Kitten Bug" into Namco arcade style, Puyo Puyo from France extracted trashy 8-bit taste from "Blockhead Warrior", and Desertplanet themselves also remixed Puyo Puyo's "Play Skip Stop". All songs are available in MP3 format.
Incidentally, their gigs are scheduled in France during Dec.17-19. Check out details from "live" section at their homepage.

12 059 plays DESERT PLANET at MP3.COM
28 feb 2001 - 1st dec 2003
Asteroid Hopper ( #1 game soundtracks chart 7 Dec 2001)
Red Dwarf ( #3 game soundtracks chart 7 Dec 2001)
Joysticker ( #4 game soundtracks chart 7 Dec 2001)

JOYSTICK POP - Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Design, Art, Music and culture. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Desert Planet in France december 2003
Desert Planet + Aavikko
Desert Planet + Puyo Puyo

Bjorn Lynne reviews
Famous game/fantasy/progressive -composer Bjorn Lynne reviews Joystick Pop -album at his own site:
"This new album features a lot of extremely catchy and memorable melodies, all presented in a very authentic 8-bit retro computer game sound. You just gotta love it! At first you think it's just funny and a weird kind of novelty. Then, as the music keeps playing, it sucks you into the happy grooves and just go have to go along with the shameless feelgood retro trip."
You can buy the record from Lynnemusic.com CD-shop.

Attack Of The Mutant Mirages Review at Commie/archive.org
"Presumably named after Jeff Minter's classic 'Attack Of The Mutant Camels' game, this is super-catchy, weird-melodied, beepy retro videogame bossa nova to die for - an interesting change in style for Commie, and a great release to boot. "
Reviewer: simon c / Archive.org

Sikkema.net: Extra sterk met suiker!
An awesome weblog from Holland SIKKEMA.NET presents LOST GALAXIANS -mp3 and video with following description:
Dagnummer 18102003
Lost Galaxians
Wederom een vreemdsoortige video van desert planet.
Again a rather strange video of desert planet

(Thanks for translation: Arjan Van Sorge)

Milk and Cookies BEST RATED LINKS Top 25

18. Oct 03
Milk and Cookies is a weblog focusing on the best on web, dirty humour and pop culture.
"New video from Finland's retro. game. pop group: Desert Planet. " Other top 25ers are:
Stick Figure Weapon of Choice Fatboy Slim hit, Flash
Skype New P2P phone software from the makers of Kazaa.
Lego StarWars Quiktime
Spiderman Flash Flash

12 Oct 03
The Desert Planet folks have a new video / song, "Lost Galaxians". These are the folks that make new music with 80's video game sound styles.
Mark Dalrymple, your generic net.geek., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

IT´S A TRAP: Fun stuff!.
- The latest on Scandinavian music from around the web:

"Retro game pop group" Desert Planet's new album "Joystick Pop" comes out September 29, but you can already download a high-quality mp3 and video from the record now over at their website. The video for the featured track "Lost Galaxians" was shot in Northern Lapland, Finland and is described as "b-class science fiction movie" -style. Fun stuff.

Electrobleep -radio
Desertplanet.com: Asteroid Hopper -album is on at Electrobleep web radio. Choose an artist - make a request and listen. 56 kpbs streaming.

Dune Buggy -single at Syntax Error
Syntax Error is a show in a radioprogram called Frank in the Swedish radiochannel P3. DUNE BUGGY-single was played at show #77.
Syntax Error #77 - 2003-01-16 PLAYLIST:

Sites waar je het nog eens over kunt hebben
Asteroid Hopper -video/ Links of the week 17

Monday, May 19, 2003
07:20 PM EST
Cool bleep-tronic videogame music video Asteroid Hopper (Quicktime)
Keepin it DIY in the Twenty Oh-Three... props to www.desertplanet.com for this.

Blentwell.com is a source for great mixes, music and media online. MP3s realaudio flash windows media techno house jungle hip hop trip hop drumandbass trance broken beat nujazz breakbeat dj mix turntable deejay mixsets

Link of the day (2003 / 04 / 08) Asteroid Hopper

Imsoemo- Resource For Everything about Emo
Emo is something like "post-punk" "no-wave" or "hardcore punk". Imsoemo writes about Asteroid Hopper -video in their diary April 17, 2003
"My new favorite band, asteroid hopper"

Retro Computer Game Pop Group
" ...Woo hoo. We like this one. It's got a video that reminds us of Altern8. And lots of bass."
B3TA is a awesome weblog presenting: humorous pictures, articles, bizarre animations, weblogs and a weekly newsletter of selected links. Over 62 000 weekly newslewtter subscribers.
B3ta email 83 - 04 Apr 2003

Scotty's House O'links
"Retro computer games go pop music... good video."
Monday, April 07, 2003

Underground community and label for breakbeatpunk, breakbeat, drum and base and electro recordings.
Featuring Asteroid Hopper-video in videos -section.

1.20.2003 It´s an electro kind of day.
Luxomatic is an eclectic mix of art, entertainment and resources by René Amini. René Amini is an artist, web, flash designer and linkhound.

pHinnWeb's Best of 2002
pHinnWeb is a well-known finnish electronic music, idm and techno index. Desert Planet: Dune Buggy is on the Best of 2002 -list.

In the Mix
Desert Planet: "Dune Buggy" single was played at the famous radioshow IN THE MIX. Andrew Duke's In The Mix airs weekly on CKDU 97.5 FM in Halifax, Canada. The show features interviews, live PAs, guest DJs, world premieres, prereleases, new, and classic tracks. The show has been airing since 1987 and is edited for syndicated rebroadcast on numerous radio stations and Internet sites to a growing worldwide.

Lynne Music
Dune Buggy -single at Bjorn Lynnes cd-shop: "More wild and wacky retro game style music from Finnish electro outfit DesertPlanet....Fun and groovy..."

Dune Buggy #2 at Radio Helsinki
Highest playlist position #2 Dune Buggy. Radio Helsinki is one of the most popular radios in the capital city of Finland. Streaming also available trough web.

Micromusic.net: Luvely bleeps!
Micromusic.net is a famous international computer-music community (lo-fi music for hi-tech people). News: "Dune Buggy-single by asteroid out now! Luvely bleeps!".

BRAIN -Providing freaky music since 1999
BRAIN is DJ team from France.
Asteroid Hopper at the new playlist (11/2002).

Electrolink -The webguide of electronic cultures
29 Oct 2002
Desertplanet.com rated as 3 e -site.

Desertplanet.com Interview at french website Ranska.net
Ranska.net interviews 50 artists/groups from Finland. Musicians, cartoonists, visual artists, writers etc.
English version of Desertplanet.com interview is here.

Veer - creative graphics recommends
"The typefaces MasterText and GameOver inspired us to create a vintage gamer desktop to stare at all the working day. But what about a blipping, bleeping soundtrack to match to mood? We recommend Asteroid Hopper as a good place to get your 8-bit audio fix"

Italian multimedia designer Mauro Gatti presents in his website couple tracks of Asteroid Hopper as audio. Also he made a fun video for a PIXELDNA multimediafestival with the music of Asteroid Hopper. Check out also his latest glorious video for BD4D titled as "Become a perfect Italian webdesigner"!

Nectarine demoscene radio
Desertplanet.com at Nectarine: Asteroid Hopper and Joysticker. Registered users can make requests and vote for the songs.

Asteroid Hopper in Japan
Asteroid Hopper is available at Vorc records online record store only for japanese. VORC RECORDS deals with chip music or music influenced from oldschool video game music.

"eine mischung aus kraftwerk (in uncool), c64- und telespiel musik. vermischt zu ansatzweise geiler musik. einige tracks als .mp3 downloadbar. ich habe den track "dune" bis zum wahnsinn im endlos repeat gehört. und finde es immer noch gut. auch wirr: das video zu "asteroid hopper"..."

by wwwolf

An article in Everything2.com.
" ...All bleepy-bleepy stuff that instantly brings me memories from huge computer and video game hits - very NES-like at the points, some tracks remind me a bit of old Final Fantasys... "
by wwwolf

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -planet
"If you loved listening to the music of 80's videogames when bleeps and bloops were all there was then you will love "Asteroid Hopper." I highly recommend you at least check this site out."
Matthew Jaroszewski
New York

Memepool.com :
"Sometimes, musicians want to make computer games (or cheap facsimiles of thereof) about their music; Sometimes they make music videos that look somewhat like video games. But (aside of professional game musicians, of course), few make "videogame-like music" that would go to market - especially if it's not connected to any particular game. Jukka Tarkiainen, a Finnish electronic musician, has now released his first CD - and couple of the tracks are also available for download. He even has a hilarious music video that is very videogame-like in spite of being mostly live-action... "
Wednesday Dec 5, 2001
Subject: Music
Author: wwwwolf

Video game influenced music video inspired by video game influenced electronica.
"Low budget live motion coolness."
by Junkmaster

New Arcade-inspired CD Release: Asteroid Hopper
November 26, 2001
by | Blue Lander |
Following in a fine tradition that started way back with Buckner and Garcia's Pacman Fever Finnish musician Jukka Tarkiainen has released a new album inspired by classic arcade music. The album, Asteroid Hopper, contains 12 tracks that simply reek of an old arcade. I find the tunes, especially the title track, to be quite catchy. Learn more at Jukka's website, desertplanet.com, and sample a few tracks while you're at it.

Björn Lynne: "fun and original!"
Legendary videogame/sci-fi/fantasy -composer Björn Lynne reviews Asteroid Hopper in his online -record shop site.
Read Bjorn Lynne´s neat review here

Micromusic.net hype 9/2001
Micromusic.net "low-tech music for hi-tech people" presents Asteroid Hopper MP3 with a neat review: "spent too much time in ur classic video game ice_cream electro-pop shop".

Tuesday, December 11, 2001
Asteroid Hopper is an album of very well done retro video game-style music. The whole album is downloadable as MP3 if you don't mind the little plugs tacked onto the end of the tracks. There's a really cool video for it, too. It's live action, but acted out as if the characters were in a video game. I actually used to write stuff like this on my Amiga, but nowhere near this good. Something about having only 4 channels to work with actually takes a lot of the pressure off from the usual infinite possibilities of composition and you can focus on making the most of those four channels. My stuff only exists on cassette at this point, so it would be a pain in the butt to get it into MP3 or whatever, but maybe I'll get around to doing that someday.
Jeff Chausse

Featured artist at JUKETAN -onlineZINE
JUKETAN onlineZINE is about new electronic stuff.

Losers.org lists freaks, nerds, trekkies, goths, punks, greenies, hobbyists, wannabees etc. And rates them from 1-L to 5-L.
Desertplanet.com at losers.org:
"Okay, SERIOUSLY. It's ELECTRONIC MUSIC based on the BLEEPS and BLOOPS of early 1980's VIDEO GAMES. Is that WELL?"
Jukka, January 22 2002 (hobbyists)

The famous finnish rockmagazine SOUNDI pics ASTEROID HOPPER -video as THE VIDEO OF THE MONTH.

5 December 2001
A gem from memepool. Asteroid Hopper. A music video that's like a live action video game (which matches the music style, kind of a retro atari effect. Imagine Squirrel Nut Zippers meets PitFall. Actually, don't imagine that) Aside from that, the music is pretty cool. The artist's home page is at DesertPlanet.
Mark Dalrymple

"Iemand verveelt zich, waarschijnlijk verveelt die zekere iemand zich heel erg, dan zit er niks anders op, je bakt een filmpje in elkaar. Zolang het maar nergens over gaat, is het goed."

LINK SPOTTING: "odd 8-bit Finnish electronic video"

KUTJUBEF.COM : "KUTJEBEF RUNNER UP IN DE VIDEOCLIP VAN HET JAAR AWARD Ik wou dat ik in een computerspelletje kon. Vet, vet, vet, vet! "

games - culture - community :
"This is funny"

Vokskrant - a one of the biggest and respected newspapers in Amsterdam, Netherlands
: "Blup. A Complete concept-cd based on the bleeping of old computergames. Includes a cute music video."

Asteroid Hopper #1
Dune #3
Red Dwarf #5
game soundtracks charts at MP3.com

Fri Dec 7, 2001

VORC - video game music and chiptune -news from JAPAN 2001/10/30
You can listen to all tracks of Asteroid Hopper by Desertplanet.com Jukka Tarkiainen has a carreer as a Finnish indie rock guitarist in Jalla Jalla. Now he is active in the electro project Desertplanet.com. He explained his tunes as "videogame style electro". it doesn't mean a rebirth of old VGM itself. He constructs new style from tastes of VGMs. So he doesn't worry about any specific platforms. Some tunes from his first album "Asteroid Hopper" have been available on www.mp3.com. And now you can check all tracks on www.brainscream.com

cheek.org - Atari STuff News : "New Arcade-inspired CD Release: Asteroid Hopper"

" Delicious videogame related music!"
Anssi Järvinen, Netzine Kaista, Soneraplaza, Finland

" Excellent stuff!" 9/10
Indierockmetalpunkzine SUE, Finland

" a wonderful way to go back to sounds of the past!" 7/10
Antti Nieminen, findance.com, Finland

" Hits like plague in the Middle ages!"
Netzine Manifesti, Finland

" First-rate and original bleebing! Pacmans are bouncing and other Characters are flashing! "
Ulmanen / Ulmanen Show
Radiomafia, Finnish Broadcasting Company - YLE

" A Funny record! Far away from the indie rock Jukka plays in Jalla Jalla, but kinda fascinating stuff!"
Miettinen / Räkärodeo Rock´n roll show
Radiomafia, Finnish Broadcasting Company - YLE
Räkärodeo / Rubber Rabbit rock´n roll -records

" Bleeb-bleeb! - zoink! and zap!"
Ilkka Mattila / Mariginaali
Radiomafia, Finnish Broadcasting Company - YLE
See Tracklist on Radiomafia -site




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