Desert Planet releases

Desert Planet: "EXTRA BALL - best of the early sold out relases +" ( 9pm/Stupido 2010)
Check the tracks at 9pm myspace.

Free download Desert Planet: "Mortal Kombo" -album at MILKY WAY UNDERGROUND multimedia site (2010).

Moonrocks -cover
Desert Planet: Moonrocks
-album 2008 (9pm036) (9pm-records)

Buy Moonrocks cd at Kioski Stupido-Shop Record Office

Digital Downloads at Record Office
1. Riot sector 68 ( a free digisingle)
2. Green Fireballs
3. Machination
4. Jetpack Wave
5. Six Pistoleros
6. Cocktail Lift
7. Spiral Run
8. Short Circuit HQ( Featuring Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura )
9. Phantoms of the digital Dump ( Featuring Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura )
10. Three Apples High
11. Total
12. INTERGALACTIC BONUS: Green Fireballs (Bacalao remix)
13. REPLICANT BONUS: Blade Runner

(Green Fireballs -music video in short movie SHORT TOUR MOVIE )

Moonrocks review at CUEMIX MAGAZINE, (Germany)
"Riot Sector 68" at IT´S A TRAP sacnidinavian music journal - radioshow, (USA)
Moonrocks review at HANDLE ME DOWN -magazine,Thomas 8/10 (Germany, in german)
Moonrocks review at NORDISCHE MUSIC-magazine Markus Wiludda ,4/6 (Germany, In german)
"Green Fireballs", "Machination" and "Cocktail Lift" at ZÜNDFUNK RADIO SHOW, Von Achim Bogdahn (Germany)
"Riot Sector 68" at RYTMIBAROMETRI -YLEX, 3.4.08 Ylex iltapäivä (Finland)
"Short Circuit Hq" at TIISTAIN TANSSI ILTA -YLEX, 18.4.08 Leena Lehtinen (Finland)
"Riot Sector 68" lisenced to TV_show FOOD JAMMERS, (Canada)
"Riot Sector 68" at "mostpeoplearedjs EASTER MIX -podcast", mikel o.d. (Detroit, USA)
"Blade Runner" at HANSEPLATTE PODCAST Julian Weber und Sylvia Prahl (Hamburg, Germany)
"Riot Sector 68" @ Gamewave Podcast Episode 41 Joe Allen and Mike Cook (UK) [scroll down the page]
Moonrocks @ Me Naiset Jyrki Lehtola, Mari Julku 4/5 ( 14/2008, In Finnish)
Moonrocks @ BASSO Magazine Mikko Rummukainen 75/100 (3/2008 In Finnish)
Moonrocks @ Janne Kuusinen 4/5 ( 21.07.2008 In Finnish)
Moonrocks @ Ilkka Juha Seitz 4/5 ( In Finnish)
Moonrocks @ Valo/Aamulehti Markku Makkonen 3/5 ( In Finnish)
Moonrocks @ Manu Pärssinen 3/5 (In Finnish)
Moonrocks @ Noise Jere Salonen 3/5 (In Finnish)

USB Media stick
"Aska-Osaka virtual Highway"

A multimedia teaser, mp3 samples, more info, press photos, press release at a microsite:

PC/MAC -compatible,
512 Mb USB Memory stick
Including: multimedia,
Over 20 minutes new music,
videos, a secret bonus track...
content size 152 Mb

Release date: 29. may 2007
( desert planet 003)

Desert Planet on a compilation

Tervetuoloa Kioskiin vol 5 -cover
Tervetuloa Kioskiin vol 4

-collection 2007 (Humppa037 ) running time 67:53

19 tracks with price 5 eur." Buy the record at Kioski

Including: Desert Planet: Dragon Bump
Featuring indie bands from Finland: Risto, Aavikko, I Was A Teenage Santan Worshipper, Laurila, Black Audio, Dadao Trio, Karkkiautomaatti, TV-Resistori, And The Lefthanded, Duplo, Lodger, Boy Novice, Sydän Sydän, Mikael H and Some Siberians, Magyar Posse, Ben’s Diapers, Bookends and The Nightingales.
Mario Built My Hot Rod
Desert Planet:
Mario built my Hot Rod
(9:PM 031) Digipack
CD Out in Germany, Switzerland, Austria
by 9pm-records in Finland by Stupido-records
CD´s AVAILABLE AT KIOSKI: The TUG Records Online Store (germany)

CDON (Europe/Skandinavia) real media clips (Germany)
JPC wma clips (germany)
Helitroop (estonia) (estonia)
Skivhugget (Sweden) (Sweden)
Warszawa (Japan)
Juno (UK)
Record office (Fin)
1. Return of the Ninja Droids mp3- Music video
2. Breakout Button (featuring Aleksi Eeben with Commodore Vic-20 sounds)
Kuuntele Breakout Button at (USA)
3. Granny Hunt ( featuring Eläkeläiset )
4. She-Creatures of the Dry Sea
( featuring Custom Drummer, Tomi Leppänen, the drummer of Aavikko )
5. Red Dwarf (2005 remix)
6. Turbo mp3 at 9pm-records site
7. Hot Rod Garage real audio clip at 9pm-records site
8. Salsa Kong (Monkey mix)
9. Slurp!
10. Cherokees (Red Dog remix)
11. Four Snowmen
12. Interstellar Agent

+ multimedia bonus PC/MAC: 3 music videos: Return of the Ninja Droids, Lost Galaxians, Asteroid Hopper + Hot Rod Hit -game

Digital downloads
Check out the mp3 clips of the whole album
Itunes , Icmp3
Desert Planet on a compilation
it's a trap! reader's companion volume one
it's a trap! reader's companion volume one (IAT02) CD, USA

This compilation featuring DESERT PLANET: "Return of the Ninja Droids" -track. AVAILABLE AT Its a trap! WEB STORE (usa)
Desert Planet: Turbo Tellytunes
Desert Planet: Turbo Tellytunes

-albumi 2004 (Dese-02)
Imaginary Tv and Movie Themes


1. Return of the Ninja Droids (Sci-fi Movie Theme)
2. Cherokees (Western Movie Soundtrack Disco Mix)
3. Fumbler (Cartoon Movie Theme)
4. Play-Skip-Stop (Horror Movie Disco Remix)
Original by Puyo Puyo
5. Interstellar Agent (Sci-fi Movie Theme)
6. Turbo (Car Chase Movie Soundtrack Mix)
7. Forbidden Star (Sci-fi Movie Theme Mix)
8. Love Shuttle (Adult TV Theme)
9. Coyote (Western Movie Theme Morricone Mix)
10. Gangster Puzzle (Cartoon Tv Series Theme)
11. The Legend of the Missing Glove (Epic Theme)

Buy some of the tracks in "Best of sold out records 2001-04" mp3 package, with the best tracks from albums Asteroid Hopper, Turbo Tellytunes ja single Dune Buggy ( 15 tracks / 8.90 eur)

Desert Planet: Joystick Pop
(Rodo 30) 2003
Released by ODOR
KIOSKI online store (Germany)

1. Lost Galaxians Music video
2. Alien Hunters
3. Delta
( Commodore 64 theme -remix)
4. Teleport Ride
5. Joker
6. Mosquito Island
( Dreadlock-mix)
7. Pop Corn
( Theme from the Game PENGO)
8. Load New Mode
9. Skatellite
10. Blockhead Warrior
<b>11. Arcade Twist
12. Secret of the Saltmine
(Imatran Voima -remix)

Desert Planet: Dune Buggy -single
Desert Planet: Dune Buggy
-cd single
Released by Odor
1. Dune Buggy
2. Dune Buggy (Jazzy Remix)
3. Teleport Ride (Asteroid Hopper 2)
4. Dune Buggy (Gamatic 7600 Remix)

Total 13:46

Hi-fi quality ( 48 MB mpeg)

SEEMS TO BE SOLD OUT Asteroid Hopper
ASTEROID HOPPER -album (Dese-01) 2001


<b>1. Asteroid Hopper Music video
2. Sand Hockey
3. Joysticker
4. Walker
5. Monkey Labyrinth
6. Red Dwarf
7. RoboDog
8. Adios Amiga!
9. Sleeping Monster
10. Salsa Kong
11. Captain Pluto

Artist: Happy Goat : Codename 2001
( neuro pop made with playstation 1)

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