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New Desert Planet -album "Mario built my Hot Rod"
is out in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Finland
Mario Built My Hot Rod -cover
1. Return of the Ninja Droids mp3- music video
2. Breakout Button (featuring Aleksi Eeben with Commodore Vic-20 sounds)
3. Granny Hunt ( featuring Eläkeläiset )
4. She-Creatures of the Dry Sea
( featuring Custom Drummer, aka Tomi Leppänen, the drummer of Aavikko)
5. Red Dwarf (2005 remix)
6. Turbo
7. Hot Rod Garage
8. Salsa Kong (Monkey mix)
9. Slurp!
10. Cherokees (Red Dog remix)
11. Four Snowmen
12. Interstellar Agent

+ multimedia bonus PC/MAC: 3 music videos + a game: Return of the Ninja Droids, Lost Galaxians, Asteroid Hopper + Hot Rod Hit -game

Listen the records at 9pm -records site (real media stream).

Digital downloads: Listen to MP3 clips of the whole album at Finetunes.de , Itunes , itunes.de or mp3.de

KIOSKI: The TUG Records Online Store (Germany)
Musicline.de (Germany)
Amazon.de (Germany)
CDON (Skandinavia)
Helitroop (Estonia)
CdTroopers.com (Estonia)
Skivhugget (Sweden)
Metgastore.se (Sweden)
Warszawa (Japan)

" With their sound somewhere between NES Punk and joyous "Ufftata" Desert Planet are a "must" for every video-game drinking-party, numerous soundeffects and sometimes even a hymnic undertone are the perfect invitation for alcoholic interaction. "
DE:BUG Bob 5/5 (Germany)

"Großartig! "Brilliant!"
Musikansich.de/Hendrik Stahl 18/20 (Germany)

"[…] This trashy 8-Bit sound is definitely not new and they don't intend to change the music-world with it, but those guys are apparently having lots of fun with it and they fuelled enough light-speed to never get boring with what they're doing. Fortunately this is no artsy nanoloop-nuisance but highly dancefloor-oriented space-electronica. Mission completed![…]" Ox-Magazine, Germany, # 06-07/2005 (8/10 points)

"Gorgeous bleeps!"
Abel Gebhardt,Ox-Magazine, # 06-07/2005

" […] an intelligent, energizing, funny, ironical and most dancable album!
Jukka Tarkiainen and Jari Mikkola of Desert Planet point to "MARIO BUILT MY HOT ROD" that computer Fuzzitum can have a high fun factor.[…]"
Eva-Maria Vochazer, nordische-musik.de Germany

"[…] Yes, Desert Planet are taking you back to the cubic gameworlds of a long forgotten time, they're adapting the characteristic 8-Bit sounds, through which so many of us had to suffer due to a lack of cache memory. […] Likewise repetitive and thus plausible were the melodies to which Jukka Tarkiainen and Jari Mikkola are adding an appropriate rhythmic substructure. The result is partially sweetest disco-trash, partially danceable electronica and partially pure reminiscence. […]" Onetake.de (4/5 Points), 06/2005

"Their ability to craft a pop song, and like much of their countryfolk, love of a melody is what makes Desert Planet the true micromusic superstars that they are."
Casionova Blog (Australia) 12.3.2006

"Glorious 8-bit age!"
Die ka-news-CD-Tipps,Germany

" 80's lads, nostalgia minded, friends of Finnish Sauna and differently-thinking dance mice can access here."
DJ @ Soundbase-online.com( 9/12)

" So haben die Tracks passend dazu auch trashige Titel imaginärer Computerspiele wie 'return of the ninja droids'. Und was soll ich sagen – irgendwie groovet das Zeugs tatsächlich. "
SD @ Soundbase-online.com( 8,5/12)

Noise.fi Kalle Heino 4/5 ( Fin)

"In fact their fourth album goes far beyond sheer SID-chip-purism and instead uses those quirks and bleeps only as ornaments for great instrumental-pop with gorgeous titles like "Return Of The Ninja Droids" occasionally supported by Eläkeläiset sailors-choir. That's only in a restricted way funny, trashy or campy. It's in the first place the melancholy of the bygone times with a todays bang […]" SPEX, Germany, # 06/2005

Primitive electronic pop :
"Great and unique post-Kraftwerk -area Computerworld- electropop, inspired by early computergames like pac-man. A must for any “Kraftwerk : Computerworld” fan ..."
Greald Van Waes, Radio Centraal, Antwerpen ( Belgium )
Psyche van het Folk

" ...for people who lived through the early days of video games history, this music is a pure nostalgic pleasure."
Disagreement.net (Luxembourg) 8/10

" Great Elektro-Spacepunk-hymns, which move somewhere between Aavikko, Daft Punk and Kraftwerk"
Elektrolurch (germany)
Hans Korte ( 29. April 2005 )

Desibeli.net - Janne Kuusinen 3,5/5 (Fin)

"To friends of decent 8-Bit-soundcarpets I herewith recommend Desert Planet. There are probably people dancing to this stuff on/in front of their computers and clap their hands. High Score!!!"
Martin Borho
30 March 2005

Rockmusica.net -Hannu Linkola 3/5 (Fin)

"This is a must!"
Back Again (H.H.) (Germany)

"The new album "Mario built my hot rod" is out now via Germany's 9pm Records and is absolutely brilliant. My wife played it for her class of two-year-olds at preschool and they all danced to it for 45-minutes straight. And then they wanted to do it again! If that's not high praise, I don't know what is. Very, very recommended."
It´s a trap / Avi Roig (USA)

The top four albums I can't stop listening to:
Isolation Years - Cover the distance
Logh - A sunset panorama
Desert Planet - Mario built my hot rod
Det Gamla Landet - s/t
It´s a trap/Avi Roig

Patrick Heidmann/musiccolumn electrical/Unclesally´s (Germany)
"The best however in the end: ' Mario Built My Hot Rod '..."

Mario Built My Hotrod Video Online
A new music video from the band Desert Planet's album Mario Built My Hotrod has been posted online. The song is called "Return of the Ninja Droids" and features music and instruments made using 8-bit computers and consoles. The album (available as an import) includes several multimedia features such as three music videos and a game for your computer. DIGITPRESS -classic video games (USA)

Return of the Ninja Droids
Bogged by J: "8-bit musical genius... ninjas sunbathing... it just doesn't get much better than this."
Comment by Whit: Oh my sweet heavens... this is quite possibly the greatest music video I've seen since "Elektronik Supersonik." J*Blog (Usa)

HUMPPA NEWS at humppa.com
"Humppa-geezers sing and shout now also on Rovaniemi-based Desert Planet's brand new album Mario built my Hot Rod. Eläkeläiset performed backing vocals on the album track "Granny hunt". Some excellent album, check it out!

ROCKMONDO (France) : Breakout Button
ROCKMONDO 26 May 05 (Fra) : Red Dwarf

MEPHISTO Leipzig, Sebastian Börngen (Germany) : Return of the ninja droids (Playlist/Direkt-19.04.05)

Seltsamstrasse 162 17.05.2005 (Germany) : Return of the ninja droids

RADIOHELSINKI ( Fin): Granny Hunt, She-creatures of the Dry Sea, Interstellar Agent, Return of the Ninja Droids ( 29.4 --> )

YLE/X3M/Musikrepubliken ( Fin): Breakout Button, Return of the Ninja Droids (3.5, 6.5)

YLEX/Kitarama/Miettinen ( Fin): Granny Hunt (+ Ministry: Jesus Built My Hot Rod) 18.5.2005

Return of the Ninja Droids -Video linked by webblogs
Hmmmm ( Dk)
Muchosucko (Usa)
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FFWD (Monotonik + friends)
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Sarcasmo´s Corner
J*Blog (Usa)
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If you feel nostalgía by the videogames of the past and you like electronic music, the boys of desert planet have made videoclip of most peculiar with the title "Return Of Ninja Droids". Cyberfrancis

Desert Planet: Mario Built My Hot Rod
Phinnweb chart June 05

Live-Radio-Interview at BR Zündfunk , München (Germany) with Achim 60 Bogdahn, 09 May 2005
Playlist: "Return of the Ninja Droids" and "Turbo"

Radio T/Chemnitz/Ali Tschertow "Return of the Ninja Droids" ( 16. Mai 2005)

Live and interview at Radio Z, NÜRNBERG (Germany), at Tiefton with Andre (07.05.05)
playlist: zelda ( koji Kondo) - asteroid hopper- lost galaxians- ghosts´n ghouls (Tim Follin) - she-creatures of the dry sea - interstellar agent - return of the ninja droids

Bjorn Lynne:
"Mario Built My Hot Rod" is the best Desert Planet release ever!

"The funky and wacky Retro game style music group Desert Planet are back, with their best ever release!
"On Mario Built My Hot Rod, the compositions really are worthy of any major airplay pop music, but with a retro, 8-bit, video game sound!" Bjorn Lynne, producer ( uk / norway )

Desert Planet’s live action/digital 8-bit Electro rock video which features not just droids, but droids trained in the in deadly arts of Ninjitsu. screenhead.com (Usa)

Desert Planet: Mario built my Hot Rod
Phinnweb chart june 2005 ( Fin)

That was Desert Planet from Finland who are playing sort of 8Bit-Nintendo-music with beats. Along with jumping and video-show. Were quite cool. Those videogame-scores from back then are anyway very catchy which took some time to get used to their music (esp. for those that are not so into that sound) but their melodies sounded really great.
Fihu/dorfblog (Germany)

Ein durch und durch genialer Musiktipp aus Finnland: Desert Planet präsentieren uns nostalgische und doch neue 8-Bit Mucke.
Geil. Ich bin wieder 10 Jahre alt und spiele Atari. Wir sitzen zu dritt auf dem grünen Teppich in unserem Spielzimmer und starren in die Röhre. :-D netraper.blog.de (Germany)

This is number 1 pico-pico- music!
Renaco (Japan)

Ninja Droids are OK!
Alfie June 10 2005

"...video is full of 8-bitty goodness and Daleks..."
(Friday Follies - a Day Early )
Sarcasmo´s Corner

As evidenced by my many posts featuring it, I love me the 8bit music. But what could take that love to the next level? Putting robot ninjas in your video, of course! Prepare for the Return of the Ninja Droids!
.alphamonkey. @TRANSBUDDHA (Usa)

"Return of the Ninja Droids is brilliant, and the next new track Breakout Button is also brilliant one ..."
Sami Oinonen Rumba (Fin)

New hookline-candidates
Desert Planet
Blogs.23.nu (Germany)

"Desert Planet has got it: the music, the visuals, the whole package works!"
Vesa Maunu, Lapin Kansa (Fin)

Space Finvaders
DESERT PLANET: Return of the Ninja Droids -music video
- Directed by Jari Mikkola - Released 15. April 2005

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