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"As usual it's in their unique comical 8-bit style, but new dynamic arcade taste is more persuasive than ever. "
About "Return of the Ninja Droids" -track - Daily video game music and chiptune news, Japan

"...Desert Planet on tuottanut jälleen monta järjettömän menevää kappaletta, joissa diskomaisuus ja simppeli Kraftwerk-poljento kohtaavat 80-luvun videopelimusiikin."
Kalle Heino,

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Desert Planet: Return of the Ninja Droids
( Sci-fi Movie Theme) 128 kbps mp3, 2,8 Mb

This track is also released on compilation in USA
"It's a trap! Reader's Companion, vol 1."

You can check out the "Turbo Tellytunes" -track "Gangster Puzzle (dixie mix)" and "Fumbler" at Micromusic. - Up/downloadz
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Findance 6/10
Rockmusica 3/5

1. Return of the Ninja Droids (Sci-fi Movie Theme)
2. Cherokees (Western Movie Soundtrack Disco Mix)
3. Fumbler (Cartoon Movie Theme)
4. Play-Skip-Stop (Horror Movie Disco Remix)
Original by Puyo Puyo
5. Interstellar Agent (Sci-fi Movie Theme)
6. Turbo (Car Chase Movie Soundtrack Mix)
7. Forbidden Star (Sci-fi Movie Theme Mix)
8. Love Shuttle (Adult TV Theme)
9. Coyote (Western Movie Theme Morricone Mix)
10. Gangster Puzzle (Cartoon Tv Series Theme)
11. The Legend of the Missing Glove (Epic Theme)

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