Desert Planet - general info about the band
Desert Planet is a group playing an original mix of "electronic dance music" or "computer rock" with influences from video game music, vintage video games, coin operated games, pop, punk and b-class science fiction movies. The music style is often called "bitpop", "game pop" or "micromusic". In this music style usually part of the music is produced with out-of-date computers and vintage game consoles ( from the 80īs or 90īs), like Nintendo Entertainment System, Commodore 64 or Amiga. Some musicians use also Nintendo Gameboy handheld console. Some people call it "8-bit music", "Video game style music" ( Joe Allen and Mike Cook), "Home Computer Music" ( Bodenständig 2000) or "Jump and Run -music" ( Storno). Desert Planet music is not pure 8-bit stuff. itīs more like electronic music inspired by the 8-bit games and gaming culture generally.

Home in Lapland
Desert Planetīs home is in Lapland, northern Finland. Their hometown Rovaniemi is 800 km north from Helsinki, 1600 km north from Berlin and 2600 km north from Paris, 11 000 km north-east from Rio De Janeiro, 7000 km from New York and 8500 km from Tokyo.

Jukka Tarkiainen: music, visual design
Jari Mikkola: music, visual design
Antti Hovila: veejaying, (Antti is responsible of the video projections in our live show).

Desert Planet records are published worldwide by Wantok music in Germany. Our records is released by 9-pm records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Finland our records is published by Stupido records.

Desert planet gigs and tours worldwide are arranged by Wantok music . (email: booking (at) wantokmusic.de) .
In finland we do the booking ourselves. (email: asteroidi (at) desertplanet.com )

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Contact info
Contact us by email: asteroidi (at) desertplanet.com
(Please add subject: Desert Planet)

Desert Planet members are Jukka, Jari and Antti


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