who's your daddy
    aleksi nuuja

   music production for tv,
   computer games, business
   communication solutions and
   other multimedia, based in
   helsinki, finland. working
   together with juhani snellman.

   don't hesitate to contact!

contact info

   soukankuja 16 c 58
   02360 espoo

   +358 40 701 0998

   aleksi "at" koti.org (will probably move to a gmail account because of all the spam)


   follow these links to find
   examples of my material
   in mp3 format:

      aleksi nuuja (soundtrack material)
      slave unit (techno/house)
      jazphemy (jazzy co-op with juhani snellman)

      (the site is in finnish,
      but there are links that
      say 'download')



   slave unit, jazphemy and open hands -
   tracks played in madventures II on subtv

   more info:
   madventures II


   multimediakonsultit remix contest winner:
   gordon koodaa flashia (nuuja mix) published
   on multimediakonsultit's vappu-single-CD
   more info:


   beat4breed contest winner:
   "epic" is one of the 13 tracks
   published on the Breed game
   soundtrack CD. more info:

   otadigi contest winner:
   theme melody and jingle for
   a digital tv research project


   theme + all music for IAML,
   a program on the finnish
   cable tv channel moontv